About Our Team

Dr. Issac Mathai

Director - India

Dr. Mathai is the Founder / Chairman / Managing & Medical Director of SOUKYA International Holistic Health Centre in Bangalore, India and also a visiting consultant in several Holistic Health Centres in Europe and USA.

SOUKYA is the first of its kind Holistic Health Centre in the world treating guests and patients from more than 100 countries. SOUKYA is India’s first NABH accredited AYUSH Hospitals where the focus is on early intervention and medical treatment through Integrative Medicine. SOUKYA Foundation runs several charitable and free clinics in different parts of Bengaluru benefiting patients from all sectors of society including providing free treatments for slum children and the underprivileged.

Dr. Mathai’s Rural Holistic Health Centre (DMRC) focuses on providing Holistic Healthcare to more than 100000 people in 150 villages in Hoskote Taluk, Bangalore Rural District.

Dr. Issac Mathai